DIY Velvet Tufted Headboard

Sep 21st
Velvet Tufted Headboard Style
Velvet Tufted Headboard Style

Velvet tufted headboard – You can create your own tufted headboard to find with a few supplies you can find at your local fabric and construction. This DIY project is simple to complete, but it can be time consuming, depending on the amount of buttons you create your tufts. Material to DIY velvet tufted headboard, To apply a tufted headboard make a sheet of 3/4 inch plywood cut to the required area behind your bed, a drill and a small drill, fabric and batting to cover the face and around the back of your headboard. You also need an upholstery needle and thread, along with applying buttons to create the face of the head to the tufted look. Spray adhesive will also come in handy to keep the fabric and batting in place while you work. You can attach the batting and fabric to the plywood with a staple gun.

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Preparation for DIY velvet tufted headboard, Prepare the cut-to-size plywood for fixing the buttons by drilling holes through the plywood where would like to have a button on the face of your headboard. You can put buttons in rows that are three feet apart or you can design any tufted pattern. If you choose to create the rows, make sure they are right. Cut out the fabric and the batting to cover the front side of the plywood, plus 6 centimeters around the perimeter.

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To assemble your velvet tufted headboard, place the fabric down on the floor and then lay the batting on top so even with the dust. Spray adhesive on the side of the batting to you before centering the plywood on top of the batting. Beginning in the middle of each side, pull the fabric up and over the edge of your sheet of plywood and staple to the back, all the way around. If you start in the middle, your edges will be smoother and smoother. To the tufted buttons to your head, place an upholstery needle threaded through the holes you drilled from back to front.

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