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Sep 25th

Danish modern headboard – Some touches of the culture of northern Europe come to our homes through the Danish style where raw decor based on natural elements and where the lighting and clarity are critical. Danish style is much more than a series of specific colors and furniture strategically placed: it is the style where it becomes warm up the coldest.

The headboards are really important in a bedroom but most often they are not given the importance they deserve, and all our effort focuses on the choice of the structure and design of the bed itself and the bedding. Danish modern headboard be the center of attention in this style of your bedroom so it is very important that you choose well.

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Among the ideal materials for Danish modern headboard it highlights the wood without a doubt. In this style in general and Danish – style headboards in particular, the use of wood is essential and will be the basis of style. Therefore, you can choose headboards Danish style independent of the bed frame and formed with slats of wood, the result will be fantastic! Typically, the slats are positioned horizontally but also find wooden headboards with vertical slats; the important thing is that they are wood! Our advice is that you probably go for wider slats, and the result will be more natural.

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If you have a low budget to buy Danish headboard, you may discover that your modern and perfect DIY headboard is one you build from scratch or you re-use, relying on something from your local home improvement center or even the architectural salvage.

If you’re looking for a vintage, antique or shabby-chic look, start shopping for your wooden headboard at flea markets or architectural salvage company. Old windows can be sealed with polyurethane to prevent flaking lead paint, hung on the wall. Place the fabric, printed scrapbooking paper, or even dried flowers behind glass if you wish. Architectural elements, including large-scale moldings, carved or pediments mantelpieces can also function as a headboard. Be sure to keep these heavy items safely, by using a stud finder and assembly with extra care.

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Doors are another good opportunity to create a headboard. Cheap hollow core doors can be painted and mounted horizontally to create a clean, modern look. Beautiful paneled doors can be mounted vertically for a substantial and classic look. You can also use vintage or found the doors. Solid doors can be cut vertically if desired, and you can top them with a broad strip. Shutters can be used in much the same way as the doors of a country or shabby-chic rooms.

You can also build a headboard from scratch. Grade 3/4-inch plywood is a good starting point. Consider stacking treasury strips to form a beautiful frame and edge of your headboard. You need a miter saw for this project; But saw a cheap hand miter box will work well. Attach your headboard, then sand well and working. Applying a protective coating of polyurethane. If desired, you can dress the plywood section of your headboard using wadding or thin foam and a staple gun. Build a frame for your upholstery with wood moldings. Sand and paint the frame and attach to your upholstered wood headboard.

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