Making Custom Upholstered Headboards

Oct 9th
Top Custom Upholstered Headboards
Top Custom Upholstered Headboards

Custom upholstered headboards add a personal touch to a bed. The room is a refuge from the world, so it is important for each family member to have a custom headboard reflects your personality. Grade wooden furniture acts as a blank canvas to create custom headers. The degree of the furniture means that you will be able to finish with a stain or paint. Custom headboards are mounted on the wall at the head of the bed or on the bed frame.

Place the plywood panel with 48 96-inch flat side on a work surface. Measure and mark the width of the bed on the plywood panel. Decide how tall you want the custom upholstered headboards. Measure and mark the height of the head on the panel. Draw a rectangular shape based on the dimensions of width and height of the header using a pencil and a square panel.

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Create a design within the rectangular area to make custom upholstered headboards. For the head of a child, you could consider the silhouette of a car or airplane or a favorite cartoon character on top. The design for the head of an adult can be curved, scalloped or include any number of sophisticated flowing lines. Use flexible curve rule to create a symmetrical design.

Design of King Size Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards can add a decorative touch to your bedroom, and can be done for a fraction of the cost of purchased headboards. The headboard can be as plain or ornate as your taste dictates. If you choose to decorate later, you can simply change the fabric of your headboard to coordinate.

Determine the shape of your headboard. Ask a lumberyard to cut a half-inch plywood to your basic dimensions. Sew two or three panels of your decorative fabric together to accommodate the width of your headboard. The length of fabric will be determined by the height of your headboard. Hide the seams by attaching decorative moldings or bands. Lay your fabric pattern-side down on the canvas. Place the headboard piece with the cushioned side down on the fabric. If you have chosen a fabric with a design with a specific direction, be sure that the fabric is placed in the right direction. Cut fabric; add six inches of each edge.

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Fold fabric on the back of the end wall and adhered to the back by means of a staple gun. Work from top to bottom and then from side to side, pulling the fabric tightly. Cut a piece of plain cotton cloth or muslin to the exact dimensions of your headboard. Sew the panels together as necessary to accommodate the width of your headboard.

Determine the length of the legs needed the headboard. Place the headboard by placing 1 inch below the top edge of the mattress. Measure from a few inches below the top of the gable to the floor for the length of the legs. For a king size upholstered headboard, cut three legs for proper support. Use one-inch-by-four-inch pine boards for the legs. Have the legs are cut to length at a lumberyard. Locate the position of the legs. If attaching them to a metal bed frame, line up the bones with holes in the frame for proper fastening. Place the three legs of the headboard according to your measurements and use wood screws to attach the legs of the headboard. Be sure that your screws are long enough to attach the legs without penetrating the front of the headboard.

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