Making L Shaped Loft Bunk Beds

Oct 1st
L Shaped Loft Bunk Beds Small
L Shaped Loft Bunk Beds Small

L shaped loft bunk beds – arrangement combines extra floor space in a loft with the traditional feeling. The best idea to put one together is to actually build two beds: a loft and a regular bed.

Building Loft

Arrange two each of the 75-inch and 36-inch beams to a rectangle with the short girder inside the long girder to build l shaped loft bunk beds. Screw rectangle with two screws in each corner. Set a sheet of plywood on top of the frame and secure it with a screw in each corner: insert two screws evenly spaced along each long side and one screw in the middle of the short side.  The screw it in place, drilling through the plywood and into the end of the post. Use four screws in a square.

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Use one of the 66-inch planks to connect two planks along the long edge of your bed closest to the wall. Place them about three meters from the floor. Screw plank in place by three screws located diagonally at each point of connection. Attach the other sixty six-inch plank opposite the first, screwing it in place in the same way, using a total of six screws. Strengthen each end with two 33-inch planks per page. It’s a simple way to make l shaped loft bunk beds.

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