Model Inspiration Bolt Storage Bins

Sep 21st
Black Bolt Storage Bins
Black Bolt Storage Bins

The easiest way to make bolt storage bins is to “outsource” part of bed storage and use purchased storage cubby Torres. Using prefabricated Torres storage means you can build the bed frame around the towers and cut all the work to make your own cubbies for storage under the bed. Building a storage bed in this way means that you can complete the project in less than a day.

Purchase two towers, bolt storage bins compartment that are about 79 inches high and 20 inches wide and deep. These will form the basis for twin size bed frame storage. Lay down the two towers on the floor, back to back. Cubbies exposed to both sides, giving ample storage space under the bed. Join the backs of the storage towers. Lay two boards 30 inch wood 2 6 28 inches apart on the work surface. These are the legs to the end of the bed. 6 inches their faces must be flat against the work surface. Glue a 2-by-8 Madera measures 28 inches between the legs of the bed, 10 inches down from the end of the legs. This forms an “H”.

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Tighten the two boards 79 inches long by 4 January of wood on the top of the towers of cubby. These are the rails of the beds. The ends of the side rails should be flush with legs and side rails rises 2 inches above the top of the cubbies, meaning that cover the first inch or so of the top of the hovels. Glue the side of the rails in place, and then fix with two wood screws 2 1/2 inches across legs in the adjacent ends of the side rails. The bed in any color you want. Bedpost with access from both sides to maximize access to bolt storage bins.

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