Sleigh Headboard And Sleigh Beds

Sep 23rd
Classic Sleigh Headboard
Classic Sleigh Headboard

Sleigh headboard – Many people use today sleigh beds although they may not know the sleigh bed had its origins in the Empire furniture in the 19th century it became a style wooden bed century common use. Even President Abraham Lincoln slept in a rollaway bed at his home in Springfield, Illinois from 1844 to 1861. Lincoln sleigh bed was mahogany, according to the website of the Lincoln Home National Historic Site where the bed is kept on display.

Sleigh beds can be made from any wood. The distinguishing feature is that sleigh beds have a headboard and footboard to deploy on top. That roll outward can be quite modest and carved into the top of a head and foot board of otherwise straight as Lincoln’s bed, or may be a steeper curve. Sleigh headboard or sleigh beds were created in the 19th century, when horse-drawn vehicles were used. There was however no motorized vehicles. In the winter, people traveled around in sleds, which were an open vehicle, usually horses that include guides for use on snow or ice. Sleds had a front and back that curved outward. Sleigh beds had sleds look like, hence the name.

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Some newly manufactured sleigh beds have a modern approach rather than accurately model after designs of the 19th century, for example, while the original sleigh beds used solid wood headboards and foot boards, some more modern designs, use strips wood and then just above the headboard and foot board with a piece of wood with a pulled out. Also, instead of mahogany, cherry or other hardwoods, some modern sleigh headboard are made of pine plywood or veneered or have a painted finish. Even the tradition of having the headboard and foot board at the same height is now optional with many sleigh beds which have a lower foot board.

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